About Us

Building unparalleled innovation and value into every project, we partner with municipalities and leading architects to revitalize both land and communities. With headquarters and deep roots in San Antonio – the heart of the Texas development boom – we rely on decades of experience in real estate and development to identify and capitalize on outstanding development opportunities both inside and outside the state.

Established in 1996 in San Antonio, Bakke Development Corporation has been transforming land into high-demand commercial real estate for nearly two decades. Specializing in mixed use land development – including multifamily, self-storage, and Wal-Mart shadow anchored retail shopping centers – our forward-thinking design and development approach is transforming communities across South Texas and the Texas Hill Country, and beyond.

Additionally, we provide professional property management services that ensure the high quality of service owners and residents expect from a premium property.

Our diverse team of real estate development professionals has deep roots in the markets we serve, along with decades of experience pinpointing valuable market opportunities, building innovative designs, and creating mutually beneficial business and municipal relationships. Our extensive experience and market knowledge equates to accurate plans and bids, superior technology and management, and proven cost-control. Nobody does “on time” and “on budget” better.

From the big picture down to the smallest details, we take each commercial development to the highest level, adding value for owners, tenants, and entire communities. In a land of cookie-cutter complexes, ours are the developments that make people stop for a second look.

Where other developers do all the talking, we listen. Where others go it alone, we build alliances. Where others cut corners, we go the extra mile. While everyone else rushes into the current “hot” market, we quietly research and lead the way to the next one.

We don’t follow the trends; we set them, leading the field with innovative development and design that enhances neighborhoods, communities, and the land’s best features.